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PJ Trailers

The PJ Trailer brand is not only synonymous with high-end, superbly constructed PJ Dump Trailers is also carries on to their full line of Car haulers, Flatdecks, Deckovers, Tilt Trailers & Utilities trailers as well.

Established in 1991, PJ Trailers have become known as one of the premier trailer manufacturers in North America.

All PJ Dump Trailers are manufactured with the highest standard of workmanship and the best quality of materials available.

Dump Trailers

PJ Dump Trailers feature a shopping list of standard equipment including a powder coated finish on every single trailer they build.

3 Year Frame / 1 Year Limited Warranty

The industry standard warranty for a dump trailer frames is one (1) year. At PJ Trailers, they believe so strongly in their frame strength that offer a three (3) year frame warranty on all of their PJ Dump Trailers.

Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Sides and Floors

Some manufacturers use lighter gauge materials for the sides and floors of their trailers. Lighter floors and sides lead to damage that can shorten the life of the bed and sides. It is especially important to use heavy gauge materials to prolong the life of the unit and also to protect the dump trailer when you use it for heavy loads or higher weight equipment. On PJ Trailers they use 10 gauge smooth plate (.1345″ thickness) on all dump beds and on the fixed (non fold-down) sides.

Scissor Hoist

All 14,000+ lbs PJ dump trailers include a scissor hoist as a standard feature. There are two main reasons for this.

  • The scissor design is much more stable for raising and lowering uneven or shifting loads.
  • The scissor hoist is much stronger and provides more lifting power than single or twin hydraulic cylinders.

These are just a few reasons you should choose a PJ Dump Trailer. But great materials, components, and build quality are only part of it. If the trailer is poorly designed you won’t use it.

PJ Trailers has always relied on customer feedback. The trailers they build today are a direct result of the valuable information they have received in the past and they have used it to refine their product, making both major innovations and minor improvements over the years to make PJ Dumps Trailers even better. That’s why PJ Dump Trailers are at the top of industry.

Tilt Trailers – Flatdeck Trailers – Deckover Trailers – Utility Trailers

PJ Trailers feature a long list of standard equipment including a powder coated finish on every single trailer they build.

Tiltbed Trailers

PJ Tilt Trailers are known for being equipped, not stripped! PJ Tilt Trailers showcase a long list of great features. PJ Tilt Trailers come in 12 different models from a 13′ single axle trailer all the way up to a 40′ Tandem Dual Tilt for those really big loads.

Flatdeck Trailers

PJ Flatdeck Trailers are known for being hard workers! PJ Flatdeck Trailers offer a long list of hardworking features. PJ Flatdeck Trailers come in a variety of different models 20’ 22’ 24’ 25’ 26’ 28’ 29’ 30’ 32’ 34’ 35’ 36’ 38’ and 40’ including several models with Hydraulic Dove (FY, SY,  and LY models)

Tandem Dual Tilt for those really big loads

Deckover Trailers

PJ Deckover Trailers offer style and versatility without compromising quality! PJ Deckover Trailers come in a variety of different models. They including 14’ 16’ 18’ 20’ 22’ and 24’ lengths with 5″ or 6″ channel frames, an 8″ I-Beam all with Standard ball mounts and two models with a Pintle Hitch design and Dual wheels. It is also available in a Low-Pro design with Dual wheels.

Utility Trailers

Why should you buy a PJ utility trailer? PJ utility trailers are loaded with great features and benefits. PJ utility trailers highlight over 20 features.

3 Year Frame/1 Year Limited Warranty 3/16″ Angle Cross-members
4″ Channel Frame – Standard 4″ Channel Tongue – Standard
Aluminum Removable Fenders Board Caps for Deck
Bulldog™ Coupler Bulldog™ Jack
Canadian Spruce Pine Fir Lumber Entire Frame Powder Coated
Flush Mount Lights Heavy Gauge Expanded Metal Gates
NATM Safety Standards Compliant Posi-lube Powder Coated Axles
Powder Coated Radial Tires
Removable Sides (Rails & Uprights) Sand Blasted & Acid Washed
Sealed Wiring Harness Inside Steel Conduit Spring Assist Gates
Spring Loaded Gate Latches Wrap Tongue
Tube Frame Gates Lifetime LED Tail Lights


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