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Delta Horse and Livestock trailers are made from only the highest quality materials and you can depend on your Delta Trailer to be made to your exacting standards for years of trouble free service.



The Delta Bronco is a fairly basic two-horse straight load trailer with feed mangers and a tack compartment located in the front of the trailer. The Bronco is 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, and features two feed doors, one tack door, and a 3/4-size escape door. It is equipped with the standard trim package, running lights, and DOT Approved Safety Lighting.

Other standard features of the Bronco include straightload dividers with butt straps, pressure treated wood floors, spare tire rack, 12 inch roof radius with round nose, and a solid rear gate for easy loading.

Trailer Specifications (PDF)


The Delta Thoroughbred is a specialty trailer designed with ramps for easy loading & unloading. It is available as a 12 foot, two-horse gooseneck trailer or a 10-foot, two-horse bumper-pull trailer. Both Thoroughbred models feature a rear drop ramp with a low profile roof and an aerodynamically designed nose for easy towing.

The Thoroughbred model is fully insulated. It’s double-walled interior offers more inside space for your horses because it is designs without inside fender wells. This attention to detail will help your horses enjoy traveling.

Floor and wall mats in the horse area and on the ramps are also included in the Thoroughbred models, as well as fully padded stalls, a two-way roof vent for each stall, sliding windows and interior lights. The gooseneck version features a side ramp with door above for easy exit. The bumper pull model has two full sized escape doors in front.

Trailer Specifications (PDF):  Bumper Pull  Gooseneck


The Delta 600 Combo is an economical horse trailer available in both gooseneck and bumper pull models. It is available with round, square, and v-nose designs and the Delta 600 Combo is available in two, three, or four-horse models. The exterior features deluxe aluminum diamond plate trim, plus vinyl graphics on smooth skin, slam-latch rear gate and “quad” tail-lights.

The interior of the 600 Combo features slant-load horse dividers, head ties in each stall, and pressure-treated wood floors. No inside fender wells means extra space for your horses during travel. The 600 Combo also offers an angled dressing room with sliding windows, dome lights, bridle hooks and a metal entry door complete with a sliding window. The gooseneck 600 Combo comes with 14” x 44” windows on each side of the neck, and the bumper pull has an aluminum-framed oval window in the front.

Available options include: extra width and height, two-way roof vents, removable saddle racks, an “RV style” camper door, carpeted dressing room and a bay window.

Trailer Specifications (PDF):  Bumper Pull –  Gooseneck


The Delta 700 Deluxe is the ultimate in comfort for horses and owners. The Delta  700 Deluxe was designed to provide you and your horses the perfect combination of luxury and the durability Delta has always been known for. The interior dressing room has full carpeting with 12 square feet of windows, indoor and outdoor lights, and an RV-style door and screen door. Carpeting extends into the upper gooseneck area as well.

Carry up to four horses in style: each stall is fully equipped with its own drop-down feed window, two-way roof vent, curb-side sliding window, slant divider with automotive-style rotary latch, and head tie. With no interior fender wells to take up space, and separate saddle and tack compartment, our top-of-the-line 700 Deluxe horse trailer will pamper both.

Trailer Specifications (PDF):  Bumper Pull –  Gooseneck


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