Commercial Job Site Trailers


Jobsite Offices and Job Site Storage Trailers
You can count on Wright-Way Trailers to have the right Jobsite Offices and Job Site Storage Trailers you want and need! We carry only quality built models by Commercial Structures Corporation, and we are sure to have one that will fit your companies needs.

All Commercial Structures job site, office and storage trailers feature two Junior I beams with 13 gauge steel outriggers and open web cross members spaced at 48″ on center. Rear cross members are solid 14 gauge steel. All frame parts are then coated with corrosive resistant (black) paint.

The floor joists are made of 2″x4″ (on 8′ wide units) and 2″x6″ on (10′, 12′, and 14′ wide units). R-11 Kraft backed fiberglass blanket type insulation is uses on all units between the floor joists. The walls are constructed with 2″x3″s and nailed with 2 3/8″ ring shank nails and secured with 30 ga. strapping every other stud at the top and bottom and at the doors and window joints.

All external walls are insulated with R-7 kraft backed fiberglass insulation and on models using optional 2″x4″ walls, R-11 insulation is used.

Interior walls are covered with 5/32″ paneling. The exterior walls are covered by .019″ Aluminum siding.

The roofs are made of 30# live load bow trusses, spaced 16″ on center with a 2″x4″ center beam running the full length of the unit. The roof is insulated with R14 Kraft backed fiberglass insulation for comfort and easy heating and cooling.

Each unit is pre-wired with a service entrance panel with a main breaker. Lights, receptacles, etc. are also pre-wired and all of the electrical components are U.L. approved and wired to National Electric Code.


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