Hawk Horse & Livestock Trailers

Custom Horse Trailers by Hawk Trailers

Hawk Horse and Livestock Trailers are Second to None.

Hawk Custom Horse Livestock Trailers Wrightway Iowa


Hawk Horse Trailers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and offer you quality construction, full function, and lasting value.

Hawk horse trailers. Cedar Rapids Iowa dealer.

Hawk Horse Trailers are offered in more than 26 standard models, and they are also available as a fully custom-built trailer with designs that are only limited by your imagination!

All Hawk Trailers are easy to use and require minimal maintenance by the owner. We know that you care about the safety and comfort of your horse. So do we! Our line of Hawk Trailers are designed for ease of use by the owner but also provide a safe, stress free ride for your horse.

Each Hawk trailer is designed with the quality of travel in mind. Hawk thought about your horse, and in doing so each Hawk trailer surrounds your horse with plush padding.

While in motion, as your horse shifts from side to side inside the trailer the sidewall and divider pads make the ride much more comfortable. Each trailer has breast and butt bar pads to cushion your horse if the trailer must stop quickly.

Hawk Trailers are durable, versatile and stylish … They are built with only high-quality materials and parts that will stand the tests of time and use.


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