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Used Construction Trailers – What to Look For Before You Buy

Used Construction Trailers – What to Look For Before You Buy


Used Construction TrailersBuying used construction trailers can sometimes seem to be a daunting task. How was it used? How was it maintained? How much service will it still be able to provide? These are just a few questions that you may be asking yourself, the current owner or your trailer dealer.

Actually, buying used construction trailers is a lot like buying a used car. Buying used over new can save you a large portion of the expense of buying new, while still providing you with a good portion of the usable life of the unit.

Maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to buy new at this time. Or maybe you are not going to be using it every day. In these cases buying a used construction trailer makes a lot a since and may be your best alternative to new.

After determining what your budget restrictions are, making the decision about whether a particular used construction trailer is a good investment is fairly easy.

Mechanical Things To Look For

Safety should always be the first and most important concern when inspecting a used construction trailer.

Inspect the frame, the spring mounts, the tongue and the hitch. Be prepared to crawl under any construction trailer you are considering in order to determine what condition the welds and the frame is in. Frame rails that are badly rusted, twisted or bent indicates that it has been misused or damaged in some way. Broken welds are also a sign of misuse. The most common of which is usually overloading or impact damage.

Check to make sure that the tongue and the hitch are in good condition. If the tongue or hitch is damaged the trailer may not pull correctly.

Tires, Wheels and Axles are the next things to look at. If the tires look worn or if they are more than 5 years old you can expect to replace them to avoid blowouts. When replacing tires you should budget to replace them in sets not one by one. If you don’t older tires can cause damage to the new tires. Axle alignment is also a must to keep tires from excess wear.

Wheel bearings should be serviced every year. Ask for any service records that may be available. If not available, they should be inspected and repacked, and the electric brake system checked every year.

If everything looks good at this point, the trailer is mechanically safe to travel the road.

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